Wednesday, 19 December 2012

November 2012 overview

Groundwater levels - November 2012
Groundwater levels in many areas have continued to rise during November.  High levels this early in the winter mean there is a strong possibility of localised groundwater flooding in the coming months.  Groundwater levels in areas of the western Chalk (e.g. South Winterborne in Dorset, Tilshead and the River Og in Wiltshire, King's Somborne and Bishop's Sutton in Hampshire and the Lamborne in Berkshire) have already risen to the Environment Agency's flood alert trigger levels.

Levels in the Chalk outcrops are generally above average for the time of year, rising by about 10 m at Chilgrove, Compton and Tilshead.  Previous monthly maxima have been exceeded at Ashton Farm and West Woodyates during November.

For more information, see the hydrological summary for November 2012 [PDF].

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