Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Groundwater outlook - from May 2014

Hydrological Outlook from May 2014
The latest Hydrological Outlook suggests that groundwater levels will continue to fall over the next 3 months, as would be expected for the time of year, as precipitation for May-June-July is likely to be in the typical range for this period.

Parts of Eastern England will continue to have below average groundwater levels, while those in North West England are likely to remain above average as levels in the Permo-Triassic sandstone respond slowly to rainfall.  Groundwater levels in Southern England over the next month are expected to be above average on the whole (with local variability from normal to exceptionally high).  Although levels may be above normal for the
time of year, high groundwater levels in the late spring and early summer are unlikely to cause any
new groundwater related flooding.

View and download the most recent Hydrological Outlook from the website.

BGS Groundwater Science works with partners to produce this monthly report which gives an outlook for river flows and groundwater levels over the coming months.

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