Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hydrological Outlook from January 2016

The latest Hydrological Outlook is available.
Hydrological Outlook from January 2016

December groundwater levels in the Chalk displayed a very mixed pattern, with below normal levels in some boreholes in central southern England and normal or above normal levels elsewhere. 

In other aquifers levels were normal or above normal, with very high levels in some northern aquifers.  For example, the groundwater level at Newbridge near Dumfries is exceptionally high (see hydrograph below).

Based on early January rainfall, groundwater levels in the next month are likely to be normal or above except in the slower responding parts of the Chalk in central and eastern England.
Hydrograph from Newbridge, showing
groundwater levels in Permo-Triassic Sandstone

Exceptionally high levels will persist across Permo-Triassic aquifers in the north. In the Yorkshire Chalk and in Wessex and along the south coast, levels may rise to notable or exceptional levels and this may result in localised groundwater flooding.

The three month outlook suggests a similar pattern, with normal to above normal groundwater levels prevailing, and a significant chance of notably high or exceptionally high levels in the most responsive aquifers.

For further information see the full Hydrological Outlook for January.

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