Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hydrological Outlook from February 2016

The latest Hydrological Outlook is available.
Hydrological Outlook from February 2016

The rainfall received during December and January brought groundwater levels into, or above, their normal range across most aquifers.

Groundwater levels in the rapidly responding Chalk aquifers along the south coast rose quickly, and are likely to stay notably high over the next one to three months.  

In other parts of the Chalk levels will generally be normal or above normal; where they are currently below normal in some aquifers in central and eastern England the trend is for rising levels. In Yorkshire drier conditions in January have slowed the rate of increase seen since December, but levels should remain above normal over the next three months. 

The Permo-Triassic sandstone aquifers in northern Britain characteristically respond slowly, and this means that the exceptionally high levels recorded in these aquifers will be likely to persist over the next three to six months.

For further information see the full Hydrological Outlook for February.

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